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The best way to defend your network is to understand the methods and tools that attackers use to access it.  We can provide specialized hands-on training to your defensive team over a one week period, covering everything from the mindset of a hacker to the suite of tools used in an engagement. 

We also provide, individually or in tandem with our other training course, a one week HUNT (Hidden & Unopposed Network Threat) exercise.  In a HUNT, the defensive team is “alerted” to an entity hidden within their network.  Using their own tools and methodologies, they must find and remove this threat from their environment.  This exercise provides the rare opportunity for a defensive team to safely practice their skills in a live operational environment.  If desired, the HUNT training program can instead be replicated in a lab environment upon request.

Suggested duration:  2-4 Weeks

Activities:  Threat detection, threat response, hands-on training experience

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