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Phishing is the act of sending malicious emails disguised to appear trustworthy and reputable. The email may contain a link to  a malicious website, an attachment containing malware, or request information from the recipient such as passwords or personal information. Phishing is also the easiest and most effective way to bypass otherwise robust cyber security.


Our Phishing Assessment will test the ability of your employees to recognize and report malicious emails with a full course assessment, within a wide range of complexity from blatant deception all the way up to emails that appear to come directly from within your own business .

After the assessment, our team will sit down with your employees to discuss everyone's overall performance and to explain the signs and dangers of a phishing attack. We guarantee a meaningful and engaging learning process for everyone involved as we highlight the actual events of the phishing process and share insights from some of the most accomplished and capable cyber security experts in the business.

Suggested Duration: 9 Weeks

Activities: Tailored Phishing of User Base (complexity 1-9)

                   User Training (2 days) & report)

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